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Petfinder adopted by Purina. Nestle Purina buys up Petfinder. The new acquisition allows a lot of room for potential expansion into other forums and programs, but moreover, it’s gives Purina a fantastic platform for content marketing their pet products. The two organizations are aligned in their holistic pet-care goals. Read more:

PR’s hand in content marketing tightens its grip, according to this article on the competition against media companies in terms of acquiring returns from ads. As PR firms distinctly seek out the consumers that respond the best to certain content, they turn intuition and algorithms into hard profit. Read more:

Apple has been actively asserting its identity with a slew of new commercials and ads. Presented in a provocative, striking manner, Apple clearly wants to set itself apart from its competitors. Framed around the iOS 7 debut, it hopes to boost sales. Is its new ad strategy enough to make up for the lack of new products on the line? Read more: http://adage.com/article/creativity-pick-of-the-day/apple-reasserts-identity-designed-california-film/242038/?utm_source=feedly

TV ad dollars are sticking, according to consulting firm PwC’s media report. Despite the huge move of consumers towards online viewership, there’s still a disparity of research on how effective online commercials are. The retention of profits for TV commercials has sparked considerable discussion and tension among advertisers who want to make the change, but lack the research budget. Read more:

Buzzfeed hires Guardian bureau chief: Is the new employee on BuzzFeed’s payroll going to add legitimacy as it transitions into a “serious news source’? BuzzFeed has enjoyed significant profit for its very successful “native ad” model, giving it a budget to hire big players from serious media outlets like the NY Times and Politico. Read more here:

Nonprofits boom and bust: The latest Pew report says that there has been a considerable growth in nonprofit news outlets, but they’re not as long lasting as their initial “seed” investments suggest. Without a strong business model, many of these nonprofits are destined to leave the market as quickly as they entered it. Read more:

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