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Posted by Tidal API on Jul 9, 2013 3:30:00 AM


Photo of Jay-Z in concert courtesy of The Content Strategist

Jay Z and Samsung's deal may have 'failed' due to the tech glitch, but it did introduce a new platform for branded content to promote a product. Jay Z and Samsung had a partnership in which Samsung bought one million copies of the hip hop artist’s new album. Those who downloaded a Jay Z app on the Samsung Galaxy were able to be the first million to hear the album, three days before release. With the a content-release and distribution model set up, future companies may utilize it to develop similar media hype that Samsung got for its association with icon and mogul Jay Z.

Global e-commerce on the rise along with personalization. Growing e-commerce rates parallel the rising importance of online advertising strategy, tactics like content marketing and personalization topping the list for what marketers hold to importance. Some niche players rely solely on revenue from online sales, like NastyGal and vintage clothing and Fab.com, so the importance of a digital advertising presence is heightened.

Ad space on AdBlock Plus? It’s happening. AdBlock, the very popular browser extension, accepts payment to showcase the very thing they promise to ‘block.’ Larger companies like Google Ads pay AdBlock for opportunities to be ‘whitelisted.’ As a result, users may be siphoning messages from companies with bigger bucks on to their homepage.

LinkedIn transitions into a media company, with purported benefits and advantages for the already popular site. Despite LinkedIn’s roots as a ‘professional’ social networking platform, it has launched LinkedIn Today, the company’s newsfeed. The added content makes sense, considering LinkedIn’s main revenue comes from the corporate recruiting product it sells. With more attention on the site, it might stand to make greater revenue. Not only that, but LinkedIn would benefit from exposure, as it needs to keep replenishing its well of user data. By generating interesting content, it stands a better chance of retaining and gaining a bigger user base.

Twitter joins its social media counterparts in retargeting ads. Like Facebook, Twitter is now introducing a way for users to be more ‘engaged’ with the ads that appear on their dashboard. However, for those who feel that this may be an invasion of privacy, Twitter offers the option to simply turn off promoted content in account settings.

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