Waving Good-bye to Tidal Labs

Posted by Tidal API on Aug 20, 2013 8:11:16 AM


Kimberly Lu is a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently studying International Relations. After three months with Tidal as a Marketing Associate, she is returning back to school... but not before she shares some of the insight she's gained:

It has been a brief but beautiful three months on the Tidal team. From my first day juggling support inbox emails to managing full-blown communities, I’ve definitely taken on a few new responsibilities.

Working at a start-up is a constant learning experience, but not one to be tackled alone. When I first searched for a summer internship, I wanted to be alongside people who cared about what they did. At Tidal, I was granted learning tools where I picked up marketing lingo, ad strategy, and the value of brand voice. But more importantly, I was seated next to people who wanted to answer my questions and hear my ideas. I was privy to client meetings in the offices of Condé Nast, Random House, and boutique firms around the city, where I was able to throw in my two cents. That meant something—especially when each experience allowed me to see something new. As awesome as it was to help launch new sites and build samples, the people I met made all the difference.

With a team so small, you get acquainted with everyone fast. You learn what your manager eats for lunch or the music tastes of the tech guy. More importantly, you get to see firsthand the dedication and work put into every project. From the beginning, I was surprised by how so few people tackled such big responsibilities (if I’m being honest, I still am.) Prioritization and honesty help, but healthy criticism also plays a part. I’ve definitely made my fair share of mistakes while categorizing posts or emailing users back. Despite the attentive alert given to the work, there’s still a laidback attitude about every other aspect of the office. My manager cares more about deadlines than business-casual (didn’t stop me from wearing my heels in.)

Although I’m excited to be back with my friends at school, I’m going to miss my friends here at Tidal. It’s been a wild ride on the Tidal wave.

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