Tidal "Tumbls" Into Spring 2013

Posted by Tidal API on Apr 1, 2013 7:29:24 AM


Tumblr is a great way to engage the digerati and young elite. And when Pepsi came to us and asked us to develop a Tumblr driven by community content, we jumped at the chance. When they asked if we could have it ready in time for Beyoncé’s performance at The Super Bowl, we’ll admit, we panicked a little, but we set to work and got it done.

We designed and launched Pepsi.tumblr.com within weeks on the Tidal community platform. We then identified those already in the Tidal network who we knew loved Beyoncé and let them know about the opportunity to contribute.

Within 48 hours dozens of top bloggers from our network hopped in to create posts on why they were excited about Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance. Our dashboards allowed us to work with the Pepsi team to quickly review, approve and post content before and during the performance and in the days and weeks following.

The response was so overwhelming, Pepsi decided to continue the Tumblr as a home for music experiences. During the Grammy’s, bloggers shared their thoughts on the “Best New Artist” this year. And now, as the summer music festival season begins, you can follow along as contributors post from every show they’re attending.

We’re happy to today announce that the same Tumblr functionality used by Pepsi is now available as part of the Tidal social publishing platform.

Brands and publishers can now add contributed content to start a new Tumblr, augment an existing one, or replace it entirely. You’ll get access to the full Tidal toolset; activating contributors, reviewing and publishing their best posts, getting contributors to share with their friends, and seeing how everything performs.

This brings engaging content grassroots content to the followers of any company’s Tumblr. Lucky Magazine is already using this functionality to cross-publish the best posts from their Tidal community to the Luckymag Tumblr.

2013 may be the year of Tumblr, and it’s going to be exciting to watch what happens when we unleash Tidal contributors onto this creative platform.

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