Tidal Nows Powers the Epicurious Community Table!

Posted by Tidal API on Oct 30, 2013 2:23:02 AM

Longtime champion of online recipes, cooking advice, and worldly curiosity Epicurious has now partnered with Tidal to bring its new Community Table to life! The Epicurious Community Table partners Epicurious' already large online community and the world of amateur and professional bloggers, letting members share and interact with the world of food.


The Community Table allows any contributor to post recipes, food reviews, or more, where all can see, vote, and share. Recipes range from easy treats to complex cuisine, all pulled from the Tidal network and developed by talented home chefs around the world. Posts can be written specifically for the Community Table, or pulled from your personal blog. The creme truly does rise to the top - the best, most voted upon posts sit on the front page of the Community Table! Advanced, engaged users can also gain Tidal badges, showing off your smart kitchen skills and granting special powers.


Interested in getting involved. Visit and sign up today!

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