Tidal Insights: Custom, Simplified Strategy

Posted by Tidal API on Oct 30, 2013 1:48:02 AM

With the launch of Tidal 2.0 came Insights, a new way to gain insightful, custom, and actionable information about your community. Insights uses your unique data to generate information normally reserved for seasoned marketing pros and longtime analysts. Now, it's open to you!

Insights automatically reviews some of the key data behind your community - Klout scores and followers, reach, and even demographics - to run its analysis. From there, simplified observations about the community are generated, revealing trends and themes within the data, which you can then use to alter your focus and actions on your Tidal site. The kicker? You never have to read into the complex data yourself. Tidal patrols the gritty details and strategies for you, reporting quick, simplified facts that everyone in your organization can understand.


Using Insights is easy! From your Tidal management dashboard, simply click the lefthand icon for Statistics and Data (the pie chart), then click Insights. Alternatively, more specific Insights about your posts or users can be found in the same place, under Content and Community, respectively. Scroll within each box for additional Insights, all of which are generated entirely from your community data alone.

Mastering Tidal Insights is a powerful way to see what works for your community and to best shift marketing, administration, and recruiting toward your goals. With Insights, your entire team will be ready to fully understand your users! More details information about Insights can be found in the Tidal documentation center.

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