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Posted by Tidal API on Jan 2, 2013 6:03:40 AM

Happy new year one and all! Burak and the team have been working tirelessly these past few months and we’re excited to announce the arrival of Tidal 2.0. Our new system is an unrivalled platform for connecting creative individuals to top brands in many different disciplines.


Tidal 2.0 is a beautiful combination of content management, influencer analysis and reporting tools. First generation Tidal had been serving us well, but as the amount of content and number of contributors grew we needed something more streamlined to handle our various communities. Our new system is lighter, easier to use, adds a ton of new functionality and also give us a great base to continue building on over the next year.

We’ve learned a lot over the past 12 months as we continue to reach into new areas of interest. A year ago, we were still in beta with Teen Vogue’s Fashion Click and now we’ve launched with Lucky Magazine, and in many other sectors like houseblogging with Bob Vila and romance novels with HarperCollins. We needed a platform that would fill the needs of our diverse clients and contributors. We’re launching the Tidal 2.0 suite today with the following new packages:

Reporting, statistics and insights
We made it easy to get insight into your community. Five new reporting panes show you visitor and traffic data from our partner analytics site (Clicky), the Twitter buzz surrounding your community content and who the most prominent contributors are and which are their best-performing posts. You’ll also get some overall insights into your community and how it’s performing.


It's that last part where our CTO, Burak Kanber's engineering background really comes into play. You'll see a list of plain-English insights about the content in your community and your contributing members. You can click on any insight to see all the data that helped create it from easy-to-read scatter plots to simplified charts. Burak's already planning on ways to continue optimizing the data analysis correlation coefficients to make them even more accurate. It will only make Tidal’s new insight system even more insightful.


Content analysis and moderation
Tidal 2.0 streamlines all the tools needed to quickly sort through, moderate and review content flowing through to your channels. We’ve revealed more of the stats we’re running behind the scenes on all posts being created, and syndicated, for your community. And we’ve put it right beside all the data on the member who contributed, and how well their content has performed in the past.


Member profiling
Our member lists and tools also got an overhaul to make it easier to see all the detail on who’s contributing, and the statistics about them.All the tools are in one place to keep notes, message with an individual, or award them badges.


Communication suite
As part of our community management toolset, we’re launching a new way to communicate with members -- a unified inbox for support and editorial messages. It’s easy to drill down and message particular members (ie: users who’ve garnered 10k page views) and let them know about editorial topics, contests or events. And all messages coming from members will be placed in a shared inbox for your team to reply, or mark for follow up. One more way we’re helping directly connect individuals to brands.


Editorial specials (beta)
We’re now testing contests, an easy way to create and manage editorial contests.
See a sample of the currently running Lucky Magazine “Show us your bootie!” contest.We’ll be launching new editorial features in the coming months like Q&As and roundups. Stay tuned!


Back-end improvements
While we were at it, we revamped much of the back-end. We replaced our content normalization tools so all posts, from any source (like Blogspot, Tumblr, Wordpress), in most languages, are cleanly displayed. We also built a new permissioning system which will enable users to be granted access rights for all kinds of tasks. Imagine your team with hundreds of community curators . . .

We also thought we should give our own site some love, and to show off a bit of our community and the great content they’re creating. So spend some time looking around the new Tid.al website.

Phew! That’s a lot of updates! Want the grand tour? Contact us and we’ll be happy to show it off. We’re pretty proud and excited for all to come in 2013!

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