Tid.al’s New Intern Dropping In

Posted by Tidal API on Jun 3, 2013 9:29:33 AM

Our new intern, Kimberly Lu, is currently a rising sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. She is majoring in English and Political Science.

For roughly the first ten minutes of my internship interview, I jabbered. I ranted, babbled, and chattered about one thing: why I thought Tidal was different. I liked the idea of a company doing something original and helping bloggers like myself in the process. That’s the short side of it (the brevity of my conclusion something my interviewer no doubt longed for.) But as my mother says, I am a talker. I was excited—probably so much so that I went on for a little longer than I had intended. Thankfully, the sentiment came across: after I stopped for breath, Matt Myers on the other line said, “Well, you do have enthusiasm.”

My first day, I felt like enthusiasm was one of the only things I had. I was new and I was nervous. But there are individuals on the Tidal team who are generously patient, and I am still as enthusiastic as I was three weeks ago over the phone. I have new projects coming up and a full agenda for Tidal’s social media outlets, which I can’t wait to implement. After being apart of the team for a short few days, it’s easy to see there is a great attitude in the office with a lot of buzz about new things happening. I’ll be updating this Tumblr blog, as well as the Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to keep everyone updated.

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