The Best Brands Using Vine for Content Marketing

Posted by Tidal Labs on May 11, 2016 4:54:09 PM

Our last post gave an introduction to Vine and talked about how brands could use Vine for their content marketing efforts.

Six seconds is not a lot of time to catch a user’s attention, in this era of saturated content sometimes six seconds is all you have. But if done well six seconds is all you need. Here are some of the best brands that succeed in making those seconds count:

Doggyloot gives us a product demo of its sliders treats (and Yorkie) in action. This product demo is a simple one, and is more of an excuse to show off how excited this little dog is to eat the treat. Why pass up the opportunity to use a cute dog in your video content?

It’s common for brands to work together with “Vine stars” to create Vines. Most Vine stars are known for their funny sense of humor, and here McDonald’s paired up with Matt Cutshall to promote their new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade.

Similarly, brands have also been partnering with stop-motion artists to create quirky, original Vines. Samsung and stop-motion artist, Hunter Harrison, came together to create a Vine that marketed the water resistant quality of Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

Vans reposts an on-brand Vine of TJ Ellis on a BMX bike going over fire. The #vansbmx hashtag was created to show how BMX riders go for Vans shoes, allowing BMX riders to film videos of themselves and tag the hashtag that Vans could share. The edgy, adrenaline rush sport videos helps fuel content the brand’s “off-the-wall” motto.

Vine is also a place for content that simply looks cool as well. General Electric kills two birds with one stone in this Vine that reveals the insides of our heads and their Revolution CT scanner.
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