The Best Brands Using Instagram for Content Marketing

Posted by Tidal Labs on Sep 8, 2015 4:18:37 PM

Instagram for Lifestyle Content Marketing

Recently, in an AdAge article by Brian Schultz, the author claimed that today’s consumers are noticeably shifting their spending habits as influenced by their Millennial “cultural trailblazers.”

Millennial consumers, whose buying patterns are still a mystery to marketers, are 20 - 30 year olds who tend to be health conscious, digitally savvy, and experience oriented. Instead of spending money on tangible goods, they are going on trips to the temples in Bangkok and Iguazu Falls.

However, Schultz points out: Millennials aren’t the only experiential consumers — older generations have also adopted this spending behavior.

According to marketing research, Americans are spending more than ever before on dining out and vacations—both typically classified as non-essential goods. With this in mind, the question becomes: what are brands doing about this?

Well, many brands have already begun targeting the “experiential consumer” on social media, with content aimed at promoting their products while emerging as an aspirational lifestyle brand. Instagram is one social media platform of note that brands use to create feeds of powerful images to deliver messages.

Some of the best brands that succeed in doing so on Instagram are:

Warby Parker

A photo posted by Warby Parker (@warbyparker) on

This eyeglass retailer is a feel-good brand given that with every purchase of a pair of glasses, another is donated to someone in need. Warby Parker's Instagram beautifully showcases its newest glasses, where the thoughtful composition of each image speaks true to Warby’s effortlessly cool style.

Whether it is catching rays at the beach, playing board games at a picnic, or kicking back on the summertime lawns, Warby inspires a playful lifestyle with their unique seasonal hashtag #seesummerbetter. Warby also regrams masterfully captured artwork by their loyal following to better authenticate the aspirational vision of their glasses.


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A photo posted by nike (@nike) on

Why?: Nike has always been the paramount brand for athletic wear, and for good reason. Beyond selling shoes and sportswear, Nike has expanded to selling technological equipment to become an all-out sporting goods company. With their “Just Do It” slogan, Nike has quickly evolved into the lifestyle brand American consumers associate aspirational health-conscious and adventurous attitudes with.

Nike’s Instagram echoes its brand sentiment seamlessly. In each post, when combined with a soulful image of an athlete and a caption that embraces the ethos of the brand, Nike does a stunning job in animating its sportswear to really sell an experience more so than a product alone.



A photo posted by gopro (@gopro) on

Why?: With a whopping 6.2 Million followers on Instagram, GoPro’s cameras are clearly a hit with adventurists and thrill-seekers. Whether its surfing a wave, biking down bumpy terrain, or even weaving a helicopter in between mountains, a GoPro camera is specifically designed to capture footage of moments as they happen.

GoPro’s strategy of "regramming" footage from its loyal followers shows that the brand is in tune with the spirit of its consumers who desire to relive the rarest or most beautiful moments in life.

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