Social Publishing Roundup: Scribd, Foboko, and Pipeno

Posted by Tidal API on Aug 17, 2012 8:39:00 AM

This week’s roundup series is dedicated to all those writers out there looking for someone - anyone - to read what they’re writing. Thanks to the internet, anyone can write and publish online, but now these new social publishing sites are helping all those great stories and novels find the audiences they’re looking for. 


“The world’s largest online library.”

Scribd lets anyone read, publish, and share their documents and written works. You can upload and have a place to keep and publish your work online, or you can sell your writing and keep 80% of the profits with no other fees. Your profile of work is built up in your Scribd profile - a new place to send prospective employers to show off how much work you’ve already done. You gather followers in the Scribd network, and you can keep track of your Scribd profile stats to see how many people like what you’re creating. And according to TechCrunch, they just got a brand new website, logo, and app.


Minnesota 2020

Alfred A. Knopf


“Our mission is to promote literacy and share our author’s messages with the world.”

Foboko lets you upload and create your own eBooks in a simple three step process. You can also begin writing your book there, gathering feedback from the community of Foboko members along the way. There’s also a section of the site for readers looking for eBooks to read as well, and Foboko matches up the right readers with the right aspiring authors so that both can find what they’re looking for. They have really great graphics and the system itself seems pretty simple. Readers get 5 free eBook downloads a month and authors get a limited number of book uploads as well.


Brains and Realities 

The True Truth


“Content, community, commerce.”

Pipeno is a more professionalized publishing tool that was created to help journalists, writers, and bloggers create their own communities and make money at the same time. A Pipeno publisher creates a team of writers and they work together to build up an audience. Their goal is to provide writers in particular niches with a publishing platform that makes it easy to get their work out there and make money without all that reliance on ads. You can create a site for free, but for extra monetization power it’s $14.50 per month. They mostly look like plain ol’ blogs with a forum section added on.


Positively Parenting

Canadian Rockies Tourism Guide

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