Nick’s Tips: Quality vs. Quantity

Posted by Tidal API on Dec 6, 2012 9:15:11 AM


One of the biggest quandaries in the blogosphere is the
issue of quality versus quantity. Inevitably, you’ll come to a crossroads where
you’ll start thinking about which strategy would be better: 10 good posts per
week or three excellent ones. You only have so many hours in the day and if
you’re like the 99 percent of bloggers out there, you probably have another
full-time job, kids, hobbies or maybe multiple blogs in different disciplines!

If you’re just starting out, you definitely want to make
sure you’re rolling out consistent content to get readers to check back every
day and start making your website a priority read in the muddled Internet
world. And because there’s so much noise online, you want to differentiate
yourself with high-quality posts that build up your reputation. But when push
comes to shove, how do you decide which to sacrifice when you have to get the
kids to soccer practice or meet your friends for a drink?

Well, as with most anything, there’s no foolproof method or
formula that will work for anyone or any blog. In the end, it’s almost always
easier to ramp up quantity rather than the opposite. But you need to work to
strike a balance that you can maintain.

In the beginning, build up your content base with your best
material to help get it off the g

round, but don’t forget to continue
brainstorming and have a steady stream of material. Realistically decide how
many updates you want to shoot for per week and then immediately subtract a few
from that number. After all, you may not realize how difficult it is and can
always increase.

Once you have that framework in place, make sure your
content quality doesn’t ever dip drastically. The people you rope into your
blog in the beginning can become your most important marketers. You’ll risk
losing them if you don’t maintain.

As for the quantity, blogging should become easier for you
and thus, you’ll be able to churn out more posts per week because they’ll take
less time to produce. Ramping up the number of posts will surely help beat a
traffic plateau and start energizing your fan base. Continue slowly but surely
hitting your stride with posting until you’re at your max. Kind of like how you
would be working out and flexing your blogging muscle before reaching your goal

Each case is different so gauge what works and what doesn’t for
you. The best of both worlds is always ideal, so use your best judgment.

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