Nick's Tips: Blogging For Beginners

Posted by Tidal API on Oct 5, 2012 6:08:04 AM

Getting a blog off the ground can be an equally rewarding and
frustrating task. With so many outlets for expression, the market is
more and more saturated every day. How can you best get the most eyes on
your posts? Not to fear, we’re here to help.

Joining Tidal is a
great first step. Working with some of the biggest brands and publishers
in the industry can get hundreds or thousands of eyes on your posts.
But there are certainly other ways to start to get noticed.

of all, you’ll want to develop a tone or style. No matter how many
people are blogging about a topic, there’s one thing no one can
duplicate from your blog: you. Whether you utilize deadpan dry wit or a
bubbly positive energy in your writing, keep it consistent and don’t be
afraid to open up.

More refined (and dare I say, cold) media has
its place, but blogging is something that’s risen to popularity because
it gives voices to those awesome people who do it on the side and for
fun. There’s a genuine nature to bloggers who do it for “the love of the
game” that keeps people connected and coming back from more. Inject
your personality into the posts and offer something unique. Be sure to
flaunt your expertise and demonstrate to readers that you’re not just
passionate, you’re informed.

Check out this post by Lucky Community contributor Jo Fletcher of “Lost in the Haze” for a good example of a personable entry.

thing not to forget in the process is to have fun. If you’re enjoying
what you’re writing about, it’ll undoubtedly shine through in your
posts. Very few bloggers become millionaires or even make a career out
of it, so do it because you love it and never let it become a chore.

Audience Awareness

important tenet of good writing is understanding who your readers are.
Reporters for “The Wall Street Journal” generally assume their audience
is pretty well versed in world events. Writers for “Sports Illustrated”
usually take for granted that those flipping through the pages know a
touchdown is worth six points. And just because you may have a few less
readers, the same goes for your blog.

You have to know your
audience in order to write effectively. Connecting with them is the
first step toward creating a successful blog and the most vital way to
becoming popular in your niche. If you write with your target
demographic in mind, it should help create some buzz around your blog
and make it more readable.

Whether you’re targeting men from 18 to
35, women 45 and up or both genders in their late 20s, knowing who’s
reading your blog can go a long way. There are a number of online tools
to help you figure all this out, but none better than (surprise) Google.
Check out the Google Analytics
page for more information. As with anything to do with the Internet,
Google pretty much takes the cake with their in-depth and
easy-to-understand metrics.


Most of all, pay attention to those
commenting and responding to your posts. Those people are likely the
most engaged and your core, loyal followers. It’s not foolproof, though,
and every once in awhile you’ll get a sagacious preteen on a wedding
blog or a hip grandma on a video game one. But more often than not, your
audience is going to be just like you, so if you like it, they’ll like

- Nick

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