Nick's Tips: 5 Ways To Enhance Your Post

Posted by Tidal API on Oct 12, 2012 4:29:59 AM

Just about anyone can post stream-of-consciousness musings on their
blog, but what makes your posts more engaging and stand out are the little
flourishes and accents to the page. From the obvious inclusion of pictures to
the more subtle formatting quirks, here are five ways to enhance your
individual posts.



1. Worth 1,000 hits

Whether you’re a fashion blogger with a head-to-toe outfit
pic, a home-improvement blogger building a bookshelf or a music blogger
reviewing a vinyl box set, pictures are a must for any effectual blog post. The
old saying about one pic being worth 1,000 words may need to be updated for
today’s tech-savvy era. A simple .jpeg can be worth 1,000 hits.

You can almost hear Sir Paul McCartney’s voice in this
PopMarket Backstage blog post:

The higher the quality, the better. Avoid grainy cell phone
shots and the now-overdone sepia Instagram shots. A few pictures can really
make the difference.

2. Chain reaction

In-linking and embedded links are a must in your blog. This
isn’t just a way to give credit or advertise – it’s a great way to engage
readers and keep them on-site longer. Link back to previous posts that are
relevant and they’ll keep searching on your blog, taking it all in. Even if
you’re linking outside of your blog, it’ll give your source more credibility
and readers will quickly realize you’re a reliable poster who wants to give the
whole story.

But don’t overwhelm the reader with too many links too
often. Too much blue, underlined text can be distracting and confusing so make
sure you use them sparingly.

3. Give readers a

Ever go to a website, see a long block of text and quickly
hit the back button? We all have. Formatting is a sometimes-underrated
part of the blogging experience. Breaking up long paragraphs makes it easier to
skim and read through.

We live in an age where the average attention span is
rapidly declining, so do your best to make your blog post easy-to-read. Avoid
fonts and colors that put too much strain on the eyes. They may look cute when
you’re creating it, but if it’s tough to make out, your readers will quickly
back out. If all else fails, you can cop out and use a numbered list ;)

4. You’re it!

Tagging your posts is an important way of organizing your
page and helping your readers navigate the blog. Some people add lots of tags,
some people add a few. The Goldilocks approach of “just right” is often best.

Be as specific as you can while still making sure you add a
few categories that are meaningful to your blog in particular. For example,
don’t tag “hip-hop” on your music blog unless your blog covers multiple genres.

Your tags are also often the terms search engines pull when
delivering results. So make sure you do a thorough job and your blog will be
better optimized.


5. Appeal to the

Pictures are a good start, but with technology running full
steam ahead, audio, video, graphics, slideshows and other multimedia elements
take an average blog and make it great and take a great blog and make it a

If you’re knowledgeable enough to create and write for a
blog, you can definitely utilize embedding YouTube videos and at the very least
learn how to incorporate other really cool features. The more senses you
titillate, the more likely readers will return.

Check out this great post on the Avon Romance network for a
good example of some embedded video:

We’re probably a few years away from a scratch and sniff
plug-in, but when that gets developed, food blogs should be all over it!

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