New Member Monday with Timothy Doty with Bourbon & Oak

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Timothy Doty is a blogger for Bourbon & Oak, a blog devoted to all things bourbon. This blog aims to provide bourbon news, reviews, recipes, and ratings. Its rating system provides a simple percentage that they hope will help you in your decision making when selecting new bourbon choices at your favorite store.

When did you start your blog, Bourbon & Oak?

I started Bourbon & Oak officially in March of 2013 but have been reviewing and writing about bourbon and craft beer for quite sometime on different sites.

What made you want to do it?

As a craft beer fan and having reviewed hundreds of craft beers, I originally wanted to start a review site for craft beer, but after growing frustrated about finding some simple ratings and information on different bourbons I decided to start Bourbon & Oak. For me it seemed like I had to contact the distillery to find the information I wanted so my wife encouraged me to start the site to share the information with others.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when you write and craft your drinks?

I draw my inspiration for my blog by wanting to help others find as much information on this fine spirit as I can. For the drinks, I reached out to expert bartender Marlon Hall to provide cocktail recipes for Bourbon & Oak. Marlon has been with us almost since the beginning and does a great job providing some awesome recipes for us.

Where do you find good bourbon?

Being a full time investigator and having to travel for work, I get the opportunity to get my hands on some great bourbon. I have a few large chain stores that I visit as well as a few small less frequented locations. The smaller stores often carry some hard to find bourbons which is nice and the fact that they aren't as busy as the larger stores gives me a chance to meet some great people that share my passion for bourbon. I also have friends at several different distilleries who often send me some great bourbon to try.

Are there any particular liquor bloggers that you particularly admire?

There's no one blogger in particular. I read a lot of blogs on bourbon and craft beer and it seems there are a lot of blogs that start up only to quit shortly after or just not update regularly, so I really admire the ones that do.

How did you discover DrinkWire and what made you want to join?

I saw a Drinkwire badge on a blog recently and looked into it a little more. I wanted to join because my blog is still very new and although steadily growing I wanted to take every opportunity to get my blog out there to more viewers. I think this is a great way to do this.

Do you think DrinkWire is helpful to others? How so?

Yes. I think it helps others discover new recipes, blogs, and information. As a blogger it allows me to get my blog out to more viewers.

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