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Posted by Tidal API on Jan 28, 2013 8:23:06 AM

One of Tidal's newest channels is's DrinkWire, a platform for the most talented mixologists to share the science behind the best alcoholic beverages. One such mixologist is The Cocktail Lady, whose has been trying one new cocktail every day since the beginning of 2012 and sharing the results on her blog A Year of Cocktails. Her posts on DrinkWire have already gotten thousands of hits, and right now her recipe for Forty Niner Fever already stands at 5928 views and 801 clicks.

This week we got to know The Cocktail Lady and what about the exploration of drinking keeps her writing and sharing:

What initially made you want to start sharing your cocktail knowledge online?

I was actually given a challenge by a friend who has done the same sort of thing, but with crock pot recipes. She had asked "What do you think about creating a new cocktail every day for a year and blogging about it?" She said "cocktails" and I said, "I'm in!". I was very excited about the challenge to try new cocktails too because I have always been a Vodka Cran or Rum & Coke girl. I was always too scared to order a new $9 cocktail at a bar with the fear of not liking it and feeling that I had to finish it (and make disgusting faces while doing so) so that I would not waste my money. Creating this blog has allowed me to try many new cocktails at a mere fraction of the price it would have cost me at a bar.

How difficult was it to keep up with trying a new cocktail every day in 2012?

I have to admit that I did not realize how time consuming this blog would be when I decided to do it every single day for an entire year. There is so much more to it then simply trying a new cocktail every day. I have had a LOT of fun finding, photographing, tasting and blogging about these cocktails. Most nights it was easy and fun to find cocktails but I will totally admit that some nights were super hard. Sometimes I just didn't feel like doing it whether it was because we had a very busy day (most days are with 4 kids) or if we had plans at night, but I stuck with it because I am not one to give up.

Do you have a favorite drink from last year?

Oh my goodness, there are so many good cocktails that I have made so far. It would be hard to narrow it down to just one favorite. I will say that my Pumpkin Pie Martini stands out to me, along with Alien Urine Sample (odd name, I know). OK two more, my Cranberry Martini and Cosmopolitan as very good as well.

Do you ever run out of recipes for drinks? Where do you go to find recipes?

I have not yet run out of recipes and quite honestly I don't think I have even scratched the surface on the amount of cocktails there are out there. A new cocktail recipe can be created with simply changing the amount of one ingredients in a cocktail, so the possibilities are endless (not that they're all good, but they're endless).

I find my recipes a number of ways. I havereceivedmanydelicious cocktailrecipes from my amazing readers which I enjoy making. I search online for different recipes as well as looking through my three cocktail books I have at home. Sometimes when I am feeling adventurous, I create my own cocktails.......which usually (but not always) come out well.

How does your life outside being the Cocktail Lady compliment what you write on the blog?

My life outside of my blog is made up of me being a wife to my amazing husband and mother to our four children. We are always super busy between school, softball, baseball, soccer, Tae Kwon Do.......the list goes on. I love my family more then anything and fully enjoy being with them. I sometimes write a little intro paragraph about what happened that day on my blog before I talk about the night's cocktail. Before I created this blog I did not have a cocktail each and every night, but I will admit with such a busy life, it is nice to be able to sit down at the end of the day and enjoy (most of the time) a nice cocktail and relax.

What made you want to continue trying new cocktails each day in 2013?

I had actually started my blog on February 16th of 2012, so I am not quite done with my entire Year Of Cocktails just yet. An added bonus to mychallengeis the fact that last year was a leap year, so I actually get to do 366 cocktails in my challenge! I will not stop once I hit my years end, I just will not be blogging a new cocktail each and every day.

How has your experience been so far as part of the blogging community?

It's been amazing! Before this blog, I really didn't follow blogs or really understand much about the blogging world. Thankfully because of my friend who gave me this challenge, I got a crash course on blogging, food blogging and the blogging world from her. I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people because of all of this and have also been given the amazing opportunity to be an Associate Editor at Large for a brand new magazine called Simply Gluten Free.

How did you hear about DrinkWire and what made you want to join?

I actually received an email from's DrinkWire asking if I would join and share some of my cocktails. I checked out the site and thought it looked like a fun, informative place to be so I joined and am glad I did. I've already been asked to publish some of my blog posts with their audience and look forward to publishing more!


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