New Member Monday with Summer Calenberg and Mermaid Stilettos

Posted by Tidal API on Aug 5, 2013 4:21:42 AM


Summer Calenberg is a sun-kissed, beach blonde college girl, with a fitting name, different style, and a life she loves. Her personality radiates through my never-ending wardrobe. Her main goal is to share her lifestyle, love of travel and style, and comment on life's little blessings.

When did you create your blog, Mermaid Stilettos?

I actually just launched about a month ago, and have already seen such great feedback!

What's the story behind the name?

I’m a born and raised city girl with the name Summer, I wanted to find a blog name that blended my love for the beach with my serious fashion inspirations! It took days of brainstorming and one day I opened up a dictionary and Mermaid was the first word I saw. It worked!

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I basically dress how I feel. If it’s a beautiful summer day I love wearing all white and crazy accessories. Also, I’m big on comfy oversized sweaters paired with a perfect denim jean. Mainly, I’m all over the place, no rules -but keep it simple.

What inspires your style?

I don’t really have a specific “icon” I look to when planning outfits or shopping. I like to be unique, and have my own style. Sometimes strangers walking on the street or a beautiful flower will inspire me.

Do you look up to certain fashion idols or bloggers?

I absolutely love Goldfish Kiss, Sincerely Jules, and Damsel in Dior. I read their blog frequently and am always in love with their artwork through clothing.

What is the one outfit piece you can't live without?

Is jewelry a wrong answer? Definitely hands down my jewelry! I have racks full of hanging necklaces and bowls full of rings and bracelets. I am actually working on a post now to show my “obsession” for bling!

How did you hear about the Lucky Community?

Through other bloggers! I saw the “Lucky Contributor Badges” on their blogs and became curious as to what it meant!

Why do you think the Community could help other fashion bloggers?

I think belonging to a community where bloggers support each other and can reach out to each other is so helpful! I’ve already received multiple comments and emails encouraging me and informing me of how much they love my blog!

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