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This week we sat down with author Nona King, whose blog Word Obsession is one of the newest members of Avon Romance. She's only published one post so far, but it's already got more than 7,000 views! Even though Nona self-publishes, Avon Romance is one more opportunity to get connected to a community of fellow romance lovers, authors, and readers.
Her new book is coming out next month; Searching for Sara is an inspirational historical romance whose protagonist pursues life beyond servitude - in America! Nona uses Word Obsession to discuss her writing and her process, reviewing fellow authors' books to learn and gather inspiration, all while growing a readership online and finding new readers and fans of her work. If you love reading, writing, or any aspect of storytelling, read our interview with Nona to find out what you might have in common:
How did your writing career begin and what do you love so much about crafting stories?
There was never a conscious decision to write, honestly. Rather, it was something I could not help but do. From the moment I can recall there has been a press in the deepest part of me to weave stories. As I matured, it blossomed into a daily, unquenchable thirst to bring characters to life on the page, to heal the tortured soul, to tell the story of the characters I see so vividly in my mind. Whether the story was inspired by a movie seen or a book read, there was always the impression that another story waited just on the horizon.
How does blogging complement your writing career?
To be honest, blogging keeps me writing on days when I’m not particularly inspired. It also opens my eyes to other perceptions and interests. It gives me the opportunity to work things out and discover new things about myself. Writing has always been a form of puzzle solving for me, and blogging about my life as a writer has been a fulfilling part of that “career” as a writer.
How have you found the state of the publishing industry right now? What are the best and
worst parts of it?
Publishing books in the mainstream is a challenge enough as it is, and with our current economy editors and publishers must take even greater care. It has widened the cliff between publishers and first time authors.
Which authors do you most admire and why?
Of contemporary writers, I most admire a little known author by the name of Dana Pratola. Her most recent releases have been ‘The Covering’ and ‘Descended~ Jett’. She writes “edgy” Christian romance that smack with sexual tension and page-turning story. She understands characters and what drive them, understands their passions and hopes. She is an exceptional writer, and I can hardly wait until her next book is released.
What's your favorite thing to blog about?
My favorite topic to blog about is writing, of course, but more about how writing affects my life and touches those around me. How writing, specifically, is a tool for growth and self-awareness, regardless whether I am writing romance or fantasy.
How does reviewing other novels on your blog help with your own writing?
Reviewing other authors’ work introduces me to other styles of writing, other types of characters, and different perceptions on resolves. There is always something we can learn about the writing craft, and reading/reviewing others’ work can often have an unforeseen effect on our own understanding of that
How did you find out about Avon Romance and what made you want to join?
I have heard about Avon Romance for quite a while, and I revisited the website when researching the Romance Novel Convention that will be in Vegas this coming summer. Joining Avon Romance’s website seemed the best way to stay informed on Avon’s pursuits and future plans for books.
How do you hope it will help in your own writing career?
I have a few book ideas that might be suitable for the higher level of sexual tension Avon Romance focuses on, and am definitely interested in their digital offerings for the future. To be accepted and published by a foundational publisher such as Avon Romance would boost my existing fan base and help strengthen my renown as a romance writer.
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