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Lily Blain lives in a small town in Pennsylvania with her new husband, and spends her time reading and writing about those books on her blog, Lily Pond Reads, newly decked out with an adorable holiday theme.She is one of the newest members of Avon Romance, with four published posts already! Her blog gets more than 500 hits a month but the statistics for her posts on Avon Romance reach into the thousands.

Most recently she reviewed of a collection of Christmas romance novels that had more than 13,000 views with 618 clicks! We got to know this thoughtful romance writer a little better in this week's New Member Monday:

What do you do outside of blogging?

I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, a move I recently made from New York City when I married my husband. A new life style that my husband thought I would have a hard time getting use to, but recently told me his proud of how I been handling it :). What I like to do outside of blogging besides reading books? With the recent move I have not had a chance to find a job yet, so I have other small things keeping me busy. I love doing digital artwork, especially photomanipulation. I also love to cook, spend a lot of time looking for the next awesome recipe and spent time with my family and my pets.

How did you get started blogging, and what about the romance genre made you want to write about it so much?

I had a blog when I was younger, that I enjoyed writing and keeping up with. Recently I had more time to read and as I was reading I spent a lot of time on Goodreads reviewing the books that I had been reading. I had fun doing it, and one day just kind of decided that I would love to be part of something a little bigger. A blogging community, where I can find out more about other books and meet different people with the same interests. I love the romance genre as much as I love paranormal. Honestly I think the first romance book that I read was paranormal, but recently I had broadened my horizon. I found that I absolutely love historical romance on top of paranormal romance, as well as contemporary. I love the Happily Ever After, as well as all the tension between the character, it's wonderful.

How much time would you say you spend blogging each day?

I spend about an hour working up a review and setting it up on my page, but I spend a couple of more hours browsing other people's blogs, commenting and learning about my next potential reads. I love finding new books

How does blogging and Lily Pond Reads complement everything else in your life?

I would say it complements it pretty well. I read what I love to read and I write about what I love to read. I also love talking about books and Lily Pond Reads is now a perfect place for me to go and express my feelings and engage people of similar interests.

What are your favorite kinds of posts to write?

I'd say the reviews are my favorite to write, especially if they are positive but I have also enjoyed writing the meme's – mostly the one's that include what new reads I got that week, I find those exciting.

Who are some of the bloggers you most admire and why?

There are really so many. I like Kati and Jamie from Romancing Rake Four The Luv of Romance, and Rite from Nor Another Romance Blog, and Amanda and Amber from AwesomeSauce Book club, and you cannot forget Jena from Pure Textuality. I love their blogs,and I have found myself over there over and over again. I think mostly because they talk about the Genre's I love. Thought I am still new to the blogging world, I have found a ton of people that I keep coming back to, those are just a very short list of them.

Do you do all your blog design yourself? What sorts of tech and social media-savvy skills do you think bloggers need in 2013?

Oh yes I do my blog design by myself. Not only do I enjoy doing it, but I also cannot really afford to pay for a blog design each and every time I want to change it. I do have to say I struggled with Blogger, it doesn't want to cooperate every time I do something, but I am slowly getting use to. With so many hints, and designs available I think the bloggers will be okay still. They just have to make sure to find the right type of hosting site for their blog, and then the right type of design that really represents them.

How did you hear about Avon Romance and what do you hope it will do for you and your blog?

Well I started reading Avon Romance a few years ago, but it was recently with falling in love with the Night Huntress series that I found myself picking up other authors. Now I am currently reading Julia Quinn as well, and the more authors I explore, the more Avon authors I grow to love. As far as what I hope it would do for my blog, I hope people who enjoy Avon Romance just as much as I do, stumble upon my blog. I always like meeting other people who have the same kind of passion. I also hope to read much more of them in the near future!

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