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Kileen Valenzuela is the author behind cute & little, a blog focusing on personal style for the petite professional. She is a member of the Lucky Community. A software developer by day, the blog is her way of expressing her feminine fun side by night. Most recently, Kileen became a mom to her baby boy, Dylan. Follow along as she documents how to stay fashionable while navigating the new realm of parenthood!

When did you start your blog 'cute and little' and what made you want to share your style?

I started my blog in September of 2010 as an outlet for me to share my love of fashion. As one of a few girls in a working in a technical field, I missed having others around me with similar interests in dressing up. I love being able to meet new people via the blog as well as be inspired by the fashion creativity of others.

What or who inspires the outfits you create and your personal style?

I find inspiration everywhere but mainly from just what I see on the street. I love people-watching and am grateful to live in a part of the city where so many people are style conscious.

Are there any particular fashion icons or bloggers you admire? If so, who?

Two of my favorite bloggers are Wendy of Wendyslookbook and Jean of ExtraPetite. Both have a really great eye for style and fit that I admire.

Why do you think the Lucky Community is helpful to others?

The Lucky Community is a wonderful resource to help others discover new and unique fashion bloggers. Being able to have a single place to turn to for all things fashion is Lucky's biggest differentiation.

As a petite blogger, what challenges do you face when finding the perfect outfit?

I'm exactly 5' tall and finding clothes that fit a petite frame has always been a challenge. Many clothes aren't proportioned for smaller figures so I always double check to make sure that the shoulders and hips aren't too wide in anything that I try on. Ultimately the key to finding a good fit is finding a good tailor.

Here's a question that's been trending in the Inner Circle: what 'niche' of blogger-fashionista would you say you fit? (Techy-geek meets feminine, comfortable and stylish, free-spirited hippy, etc.)

My style is best described as classy chic. I try to find styles that will continue to be in style season after season. In the beginning, I made the mistake of following trend after trend, but quickly realized that my time and money were better spent investing in items that would last for years instead.

How did you discover the Lucky Community and what made you sign up?

I ran across another blogger who contributes to Lucky and decided to sign up myself. I'm always looking for new ways to meet people and hope my style resonates with someone else out there!

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