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Posted by Tidal API on Apr 23, 2013 4:37:11 AM

Kate was born in Sydney, raised in London and now she's attending high school in New Zealand while sharing her style with the world on her blog Modette. An elegant collection of personal posts and curated fashion photography and editorials, Modette gives a glimpse into one girl's incredible sense of style.

Now you can also find Kate's posts on FashionIndie, as one of the site's newest contributors! She's already been published three times - her most recent post, Dolce & Gabbana Prove Beige is Far From Boring has more than 60 hits!

She shares the secrets behind her blog in this week's New Member Monday interview!

When did you first begin Modette and what made you want to share your style with the world online?

I started my blog in late 2011, as a place to document all the pictures cluttering up my desktop (believe me, there were a lot!). Plus, having a blog meant that I could talk about fashion with like-minded people - my family & friends don't exactly feel the same rush as I do upon seeing a Chloé collection or a pretty editorial! I like the idea that readers can be inspired by the same things inspiring me.

What is it about a particular kind of fashion photography that makes it worth blogging about?

I particularly love vintage editorials! It's like discovering forgotten little gems, and the fashion is always divine! I love sharing these on my blog, as they're less mainstream and readers are less likely to have seen them a million times already. But to me, any photo you love is worth blogging about - chances are others will love it just as much as you do!

Where do you go for inspiration for Modette? (either online or in real life!)

I read a lot of blogs, as well as online magazines such as and Suitcase. Tumblr ( is also a huge source of inspiration for me - one pretty picture can spark a whole lot of new ideas! And offline, I'm constantly inspired by magazines (I collect mags like other girls collect shoes!), travel and interesting people.

What are your favorite kinds of posts to write?

Personal posts! I like posting photos that I've taken myself or about events that I've been to - it's original and gives my blog a more unique spin on it. These are the posts you can't find anywhere else!

Who are some of your favorite fellow fashion bloggers?

Ooh, this is a hard one! But some of my top favourite blogs include Gary Pepper Vintage, Tuula, Garance Doré, Decade Diary, Badlands and Heart In A Cage …. and of course many, many more!

How did you find out about FashionIndie and what do you hope joining the community does for Modette?

Through another blog! And I hope that by joining, I can introduce Modette to new readers who haven't come across my blog before. And most importantly, I hope people will enjoy reading my posts!

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