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João Paulo Nunes is a fashion and lifestyle journalist based in London. Born in Mozambique, João Paulo grew up in Portugal and his professional life has taken him to the USA, Spain, and the UK. He is the founder and editor of, a contributor for The Huffington Post, and has had articles on fashion, art, design, and architecture published in several magazines, including GQ, Tatler, Muse, Dash, Schön!, Varon and Viktor. He has also been involved in the worlds of fashion, design and architecture as a conference lecturer, a judge of awards and competitions, and as a consultant on trends, style and fashion for several companies.


What made you want to start The Style Examiner?

I founded The Style Examiner in October 2011 with the intention to provide intelligent written and visual commentary on fashion, art, design, architecture, and everything that moves the modern man. As I thoroughly enjoy writing and am an avid reader of fashion and lifestyle publications, I wanted to contribute to a discourse in the creative arena and engage in a dialogue with others about what I feel passionate about. I also felt that there are many blogs out there about individual style and street style but very few that provided relevant news and critical opinions about fashion and lifestyle. I found in my blog a perfect medium to voice my thoughts on what mattered to me and it has been great to have so many followers and very supportive comments.

Where do you find inspiration for your articles?

I read many print and online publications and when I find things that catch my attention (and that would also be relevant for my readers) I spend some time researching about them to write an article. I guess having a background in languages and literature framed that way of thinking and writing about a subject. I also get sent information by the designers themselves or the Public Relations companies that represent them and then investigate that information further. Attending press views and fashion shows is also very useful as those occasions allow me to see the clothes in detail and meet the designers. But my favourite source of information is the one that comes from interviewing designers or artists in their studios and spend time discussing their work in their creative context. It can be very humbling and inspiring to learn from a creative mind that way.

What are your favorite kinds of posts to write?

I like to review fashion shows as they can often present a fascinating narrative. A well-produced runway show for a fashion collection can be very theatrical owing to the decisions made on aspects such as styling, lighting, music or the models in order to convey the designer’s idea in the most appropriate way. Press events with the opportunity to meet and interview the designers, artists or curators are also great opportunities. I find that press releases are useful but nothing replaces first-hand contact with the person or the product that I write about.

How do you think other members benefit from the Details Network?

I think it’s a fantastic opportunity to be part of a community of writers/journalists/stylists who share an avid interest in men’s fashion and lifestyle. There are fantastic writers in the network and I think that we all learn from reading each other’s articles. I have been a regular reader of Details for many years and the opportunity to be able to contribute via my blog is a great honour!

How did you discover Details and what made you want to sign up as a blogger?

I have been reading Details magazine for many years but I came across the Details Network after a friend of mine (who is a fantastic communications professional) brought it to my attention. I had a look and thought that the model was perfect: I still have ownership of the articles in my blog but a wider platform to share and discuss them. Ideally, I’d like to contribute directly to Details (print or online) with exclusive content for its readers. Fingers crossed!...

What aspirations do you have for your future?

I have published articles in several magazines on a freelance basis, such as GQ, Tatler, Muse, Viktor, Schon, Dash, The Huffington Post and others. As I really enjoy researching a topic and writing about it, I’d like to have the opportunity to do so on a regular basis for a men’s lifestyle publication.

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