New Member Monday with Frances Jade

Posted by Tidal API on Feb 25, 2013 9:13:44 AM

By day Emily Jade works as a digital producer, but in her free time she writes Frances Jade a blog dedicated to her personal musings on fashion, beauty, travel, trends, and life in general. Emily and Frances Jade are one of the newest additions to the Lucky Community - she published her first post on the site last week!

Emily uses her skills as a graphic designer to create high quality magazine-like graphics for her posts, each simply laying out the latest fashion trends and beauty tips in a way that’s both easy to follow and pretty to look at.Read how she does it in this week's New Member Monday:

When did you first begin blogging and why?

I first began my francesjade blog a few months ago. I find graphic design & fashion a relaxing outlet to enjoy in my down time & I wanted to showcase my aesthetic & design work for other fashion loving digital savvy or appreciative people out there.

How does what you write on Frances Jade compliment the rest of your life?

I design my posts around my love of fashion, design, digital design & websites, travel & beauty. I am a Digital Producer by day so sharing my musings on what I like, am doing or seeing in a creative way on frances jade is a way for me to branch out creatively from the daily grind.

Which is your favorite kind of post to write?

I actually don't do much writing as I prefer to design images & let the look and feel do all the talking for me. I generally am always inspired by fashion & beauty the most....and I think that shows through my work.

Which editing and image programs do you use to make your magazine-like post images?

I use photoshop to create all my graphic designs. I also design my own fonts & mix them up into the images.

Who are some of your favorite fellow fashion/lifestyle bloggers?

I love Garance Dore, Design Love Fest& the French Vogue Blog.

How did you hear about the Lucky Community and what do you hope it will do for Frances Jade?

I saw a Lucky badge on a blog I visited and it revealed a whole community of others just like me. I think blogging is such a wonderful thing & the blogging community around the world is changing the shape of the web as well as social engagement for all. I hope Lucky can be a platform to promote my work on frances jade & I can make others feels the inspiration I do everyday.

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