New Member Monday with Astor & Sutton from Sobbing on Fifth

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This New Member Monday stars the stylish duo, Astor and Sutton Van Brigsby, who together write the blog Sobbing on Fifth. Named in honor of their father's cut up credit cards that used to buy them every fashionable item they could ever want, the pair is now working and blogging in the industries they love - Sutton in the beauty world and Astor in fashion.

They're the newest faces of the Lucky Community, and just published their first post on the site! Although they just started Sobbing on Fifth in August, they're getting anywhere between 5,000-6,000 pageviews per month - and their dedication to their readers and the online fashion community is what makes them such a great addition to Lucky:


When did you start Sobbing on Fifth and why?

We only started Sobbing On Fifth in August, but we've known we were meant to help people for years. Our “aha! moment” was at an Alexander Wang sample sale last December. It was the last day, and as we were checking our coats, one of the retail girls bellowed “Everything is officially 80% off!” What then ensued can only be described as a battle scene from Braveheart. The promise of 80% off RTW sent girls barreling in every direction, battling each other for runway pieces suddenly under $100. Elbows were flying, girls were flailing everywhere and the fitting area was the worst of it all. We were all trying to wriggle into asymmetric black dresses in a mosh pit. It was every girl for herself, and we never thought we'd care about anything other than leaving with the biggest shopping bag. But, there she was, a girl who was trying on just the worst picks ever. Something in our sale-driven hearts made us stop and realize we had to help her. Sacrificing the opportunity to own the entire runway collection was suddenly a small price to pay to be able to see this girl in her downtown-cool glory. That day we knew a blog would be in the cards so we can unite with our kindred spirits in style - help each other make crucial decisions, find the best deals and generally be a shopping shoulder to lean on. The only thing more important to us than designer wares at discounted prices is our community of fellow shoppers. Unless you get in our way, of course.

How many posts would you say you each write per month? Is it easier to keep up with your blog since there are two of you, or do you guys ever disagree on what to post?

We write approximately 20 posts per month, one for every weekday, and we just about split that up evenly between beauty and fashion, so we’re writing about ten each. It's definitely easier with two of us. We have a little extra time by only writing two or three posts per week and that allows us to put more thought into what would be absolutely perfect to post that day and what information will make the post its best. We really don't disagree about what to post because Sutton is the total beauty guru while I'm the fashion expert so we trust each other when we come up with ideas. I mean Sutton’s completely taught me how to function as a human when it comes to beauty, so I know whatever she says is a good idea. And I've been picking out her outfits since first grade so the feeling is mutual.

Who's your fashion icon?

Sutton: My fashion icons are Snooki, Lindsay Lohan, Donatella Versace - the women that over-eye-shadow, over-tweeze, over-bronze, over-everything, because they inspire me to find a better way. I strive to find ways for girls to avoid these tragedies. I scour stores and sites for the best products and spend hours testing everything all in the name of achieving beauty that is just the best version of yourself and not an eyeliner-heavy, pumpkin-hued mask. And isn't that a true icon, one who inspires us to be the best we can be?

Astor: I also can't choose one icon - but can narrow it down to Marie Antoinette and Courtney Love, a clash of style that can be seen in my everyday dressing. Marie Antoinette, because she literally put fashion first, devoting hours of the day to it and employing a team to help her dress and pile her hair feet off her head. She never put comfort first and always pushed the boundaries of her time. Courtney, because she is Marie Antoinette's opposite: she dresses in whatever she finds on the floor, the more ripped the better. Instead of letting fashion dictate how she dresses, she lets it be an interpretation of her music, her mood, even her hangover. There's something so effortlessly cool about that. And while a couch-sized gown might not be the most practical and ripped lingerie not the most appropriate, combining the aesthetic of both Marie Antoinette and Courtney Love can have amazing results.

What do you like most about sharing your style on Sobbing on Fifth?

Our favorite part is building that community: we love making our blog and Twitter friends who have become really important to us. We turn to them as much as we set out to have them turn to us. We need their support when trying to resist buying a $300 face cream or picking between Nicholas Kirkwood or Charlotte Olympia shoes. We hope they realize that they complete us.

What do you think is the biggest challenge fashion bloggers have to deal with?

Standing out. There are so many amazing fashion and beauty blogs out there that it's almost overwhelming. We obsess over and worship so many of them - it then becomes a question of how do we make ourselves different, what do we have to offer that no one else does? But we are just ourselves and hope that our natural personalities and shopping tastes come through to make us different to our readers.

How did you hear about the Lucky Community and what made you want to join?

We've been obsessed with Lucky Magazine for years now. It's so perfect for what we want from a magazine that for years when we were younger we actually believed our father paid to have it tailored to our tastes. Obviously, we are older and wiser now, and know that it's actually millions of people that Lucky is tailored to. But, seriously, what could be a better match for Sobbing On Fifth than Lucky with its guide-to-shopping approach to fashion and beauty? When we started hearing about Lucky’s amazing FABB convention, we realized that they had a special community for bloggers, and that's like realizing there's actually an organized religion for you to practice your most sacred beliefs in.

What are you up to now besides blogging?

Growing up loving fashion and beauty, we always knew we'd want careers in the industries, but we did think they'd be more careers of shopping until we got cut off. When it came time to make our own money we knew the only way we’d be happy would be to work in the industries that we’re obsessed with. I currently work in fashion and Sutton in beauty - we get to spend our days immersed in what we love, we get the inside scoop on everything plus we get the discounts we now need. The blog is our baby, but when we do have time outside of working and blogging, we can be found doing anything from going to art shows in shipping containers on the Gowanus Canal, dining at Le Cirque, catching our favorite bands at Cake Shop, exploring cities like Berlin or Prague, digging through vintage at flea markets in the countryside or indulging in bespoke Aperol spritzers at Surf Lodge.

Where do you want to be in 5 years - do you think Sobbing on Fifth can help at all, or is only for fun?

We absolutely plan on Sobbing On Fifth helping us evolve over the next few years: we want to be able to combine the expertise from our jobs and our years shopping with the community we are building with the blog. The blog in and of itself is most definitely a ton of fun - that's the first and foremost reason we do it - but we love to write, we love to shop and we love to interact with our readers. So, in five years we'd love to be working on a style manual in some form, and to be taking Sobbing On Fifth from blog to all around online destination, complete with social networking and shopping.

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