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Posted by Tidal API on Apr 1, 2013 11:57:01 AM

The Camera's Lying is a fashion, photography and beauty blog that was started in 2011 by Amy, a Londoner and a girl with the need for a creative outlet. Now The Camera's Lying stands at 247,839 pageviews, and has just been selected to join the elite group of contributors at Teen Vogue Fashion Click.

Amy also has a Youtube channel with more than 4,000 subscribers. The Camera Lies Beauty is filled with dozens of useful tutorials like how to get Taylor Swift's look in her "22" video, along with a whole series dedicated to achieving Disney Princess hair. Basically, when it comes to looking great, Amy knows what she's talking about.

When did you first begin blogging, and why?

I started to stumble across blogs via Tumblr back in 2011 and quickly decided I needed one of my own. I love writing or any sort of creative outlets and blogging seemed a perfect way to bump up my literary skills and not bombard my friends with beauty chat they weren't interested in!

Where did the name The Camera's Lying come from?

The name 'The Camera's Lying' came from a Paramore song: 'Fences.' The whole lyric is 'Just living proof that the camera's lying.' I liked it, I felt it was very poignant into today's air brushed society.

When did you first begin getting feedback from your readers, and what was your reaction to it?

It was odd, I never expected people to actually be interested in what I call my 'brainvomit' but it was so lovely as well, it felt like I was making new friends!

What's the process behind your outfit posts? How do you know when the look is complete?

My looks are literally outfits I will wear day to day, however I only ever take photos of outfits that I put on and feel 100% happy in. Like I could go out anywhere and feel confident- thats when I know it needs to be 'blogged.' As for the process, I use my SLR camera, a tripod and a remote to focus and set up my shots myself. Sometimes I let over people take them for me, but I'ma perfectionist and I know what I like and what my blog readers like so it can take hundreds of shots before I have the perfect 3 or 4!

Who are some of your favorite fellow fashion bloggers?

I love Liv from, we've had some communication in the past and shes such a genuine, stylish lady - I really look up to her! I also love Devon from we started out as pen pals years ago and have maintained an online friendship ever since- she's so lovely and cultured. I learn so much from her lifestyle blog.

What are your favorite kinds of posts to write?

All of them! I love writing and never, ever put anything on my blog that Ihaven'tenjoyed writing/photographing. Writing and journalism is my calling in life and sometimes I'm literally chomping at the bit to upload something to my blog!

What do you do outside of The Camera's Lying and how does one complement the other?

At the moment I'm studying Philosophy at University, but other passions include photography, drinking tea and playing ultimate Frisbee I can't say how these compliment each other, but I never, ever blog without a cup of tea in hand! I also have a youtube channel which is going from strength to strength. You can see my videos here:

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