New Member Monday with Alex Delany and The Pantalones

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Alex Delany is a college senior, studying Graphic Design at The College of New Jersey. He splits time between Philadelphia, Trenton, and New York City, hunting out the best menswear destinations, culinary meccas, and watering holes in between. His blog, The Pantalones, is a source of inspiration and knowledge for those searching for eternal crispiness and a date with their friend's older sister.

When did you first begin blogging and why?

I've been running this blog (seriously and with purpose) for a little over two years. I started it with the intention of providing guidance and inspiration for my own personal style, and I've been lucky enough to grow that into something that helps inspire and educate other likeminded people.

Where did the name The Pantalones come from?

Well, it's Spanish for "pants", so there's that. It also refers to "wearing the pants", having confidence and intention, and living life the way that you see fit.

When did you first begin getting feedback from your readers, and what was your reaction to it?

I'm not really sure when it started, but it grew pretty gradually. I'd have a few guys here and there ask my opinion on products or fits, and now it's a pretty steady flow of people asking for various pieces of advice and me trying not to make an ass out of myself.

How would you describe your blog personality?

I mean, I'm about to turn 21, and I'm headed into my senior year of college. It's all about fun, and I think that translates pretty clearly on the blog. You can tell (at least I hope so) that I write and post about menswear because it's something that I legitimately enjoy observing and talking about. That being said, my personality is just as much about Boglioli as it is Keystone Light (I think; I'm not 21 yet, so I've never tried beer).

Who are some of your favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers?

Christopher Fenimore - - Chris and I are really good friends, and we've always been proponents of the other's work since the beginning. He's an incredibly talented photographer.

Jake Metzger (of Downeast and Out), Skylar Bergl (of All The Sun That Shines), Herman Bystrom (of Sartorial Doctrine), Sabir Peele (of Men's Style Pro), and Jeff Hillard (of JHilla) all run really incredible menswear blogs that comment on classic and contemporary tailored menswear fits.

I'm also all about graphic design blogs like Aisle One, Design Observer, and Dexigner.

What do you do outside of 'The Pantalones' and how does one complement the other?

I'm a graphic design student, and I think that the relationship between my design philosophies and personal style is pretty transparent. I've always preached a clear and honest visual identity, whether that be in design, in writing, or in dress, and my work experience in the design and menswear industries both reinforce and develop that idea constantly. Good design, good style, and a good blog are always honest.

How do you think the Details Network helps bloggers?

One thing that I love about this online presence is the fact that it builds an actual community. I think the Network takes that a step further, by building relationships between DETAILS readers and bloggers that might not necessarily get into the readers' field of vision. It allows connections to be made, and that's a valuable thing for someone who's trying to say something.

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