How Brands Can Use Live Video Apps for Content Marketing

Posted by Tidal Labs on Jun 23, 2015 2:37:44 PM

As content marketing spreads into every social community, the nature of the business naturally evolves. In order to fit each medium, the content produced must suit the tone, audience, and marketing metrics of each social network.

Therefore, less established channels like Vine, Snapchat, or Periscope represent the new frontier for content and influencer marketers, especially when it comes to a medium as new as live video streaming. Yet, these unchartered networks deliver a hyper-specific audience (71% of Snapchat users are 18-34), and less surrounding noise from competitors.

So when it comes to video streaming, fear not, these brands are carving the path to use it as a marketing tool.

1. Heineken on Snapchat for Coachella

heineken snapchat coachella brand

Heineken is always active with content marketing, so the brand naturally already uses Snapchat to great success. At this year's Coachella Music Festival, Heineken offered clues to fans about what artists would be making guest appearances. If fans responded with the correct answer, Heineken would reveal what time they were appearing onstage.

This type of exclusive, interactive, and event-based content works well on Snapchat, despite the ephemeral nature of the channel.

2. Coach Uses Periscope to Broadcast a Fashion Show

how brands can use periscope

For their Coach Men's 2016 fashion show in London, Coach gave Periscope viewers VIP access to its event. The brand also live-streamed video with the models backstage, and included an interview with the event's creative director. This sense of exclusivity is key to using Periscope effectively.

3. JBL Uses Vine Influencer for #CordFail

Audio company JBL harnessed the celebrity of Vine influencer Logan Paul (7.9 million followers) to amplify their #CordFail campaign, a promotion for JBL's wireless headphones.

100 Vine users received JBL headphones, and one winner was awarded a trip of their choosing to The NBA All-Star Game, Coachella, or the GRAMMYs. The campaign's Vines were looped more than 28 million times over six weeks.

4. Audi + 'Pretty Little Liars' Rock Snapchat

brands using snapchat

Audi produced content for the ravenous fan base of the television show Pretty Little Liars for this wildly successful Snapchat campaign. The Snapchat network perfectly delivered the young, female target audience for the show, and Audi side-stepped its typical auto consumers through targeted promotion on Twitter.

The campaign offered exclusive puzzles, clues, and access to fans, gaining Audi 115,000 Snapchat followers.

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