Happenings: September's Jobs Report & The Internet

Posted by Tidal API on Oct 5, 2012 7:21:30 AM

The jobs numbers that came out last week was the first optimistic response in a while. We're finally below 8% unemployment, all the way to 7.8%.

The third largest growing sector was professional and business services, including all the new jobs online, which added 13,000 jobs this September. Now, professional and business services is the second largest jobs sector at 17,956 jobs, only trailing education and health services which has 20,408.
Tidal knows first-hand how great the Internet is for creating jobs, since we're one of the startups working to harness this world-altering tool for the better. A few years ago, Tidal couldn't have existed, and now here we are trying to connect people through this fabulous portal, both to each other and the brands they love.
The McKinsey Global Institute conducted a study in 2011, where it analyzed the Internet's effect on the economy, and here are some of the stats they came up with:
  • The Internet accounted for 10% of GDP over the 15-year period from 1995 to 2009, and its influence is expanding.
  • The Internet has created 2.6 jobs for every 1 job lost.
  • Small- and medium-sized businesses have experienced a 10% increase in productivity thanks to the Internet.
  • 72% of companies use social technologies in some way.
  • If measured as a sector, Internet-related consumption and expenditure is now bigger than agriculture or energy.
Pretty cool huh?

Photo from piek.org.

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