Community of the Week: Rakuten Essential

Posted by Tidal API on Nov 18, 2013 1:39:50 AM

Each week, we profile a Tidal site, one of the best from Tidal's network of partners.

Rakuten Essential is the brainchild of, Japan's largest online merchant and the up and coming star of the marketplace world. Hosted by the original team, brings in some 19,000,000 products from across categories, catering to all walks.


What is it?

Rakuten Essential is a mix between online catalogue and old-fashioned window shopping. Essential's network of bloggers and merchants write about the products and sales that drive their lives, linking the best deals on directly into the post. Products are carefully curated to highlight the best deals and experiences for your money.

How are products shared?

Rather than simply linking product pages into posts, Essential is visually enriching: products are entered and grouped beside posts. This allows potential buyers to read over personal experiences and reviews, then see the item in question and click it for easy purchase. Contributors can simply type in the name of a product when adding a post, pulling directly from's marketplace.


Who is involved?

Essential is powered by Tidal's network of bloggers and contributors, including some of the same merchants that sell on! Contributors come from vastly different walks of life, adding different voices and experiences to the site. That allows Essential to offer in-depth posts on topics as wide as technology, women's fashion, or even pets.

How can I join?

Anyone can join Essential! If you already have a Tidal account (you've signed up for a Tidal partner like Details Network or Lucky Community), simply head here and sign in - your profile will be built automatically. If you're new to Tidal, head here and sign up. You will build your profile, which will then be filled in as you go along.

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