Another win for blogging! A travel blog reunites a kidnapped woman with her family after 36 years

Posted by Tidal API on Aug 16, 2012 8:59:00 AM

Nicole Kisala was taken from her family 36 years ago, as one of the many children kidnapped in Colombia during the 70s and 80s. But now thanks to the tireless online efforts of the Colombian travel blog See Colombia, she's been reunited with her family.

Nicole reunited with her family. Photo courtesy of tnooz.

The See Colombia team shared Nicole's story all over Facebook and Twitter, posting and reposting, and asking others to do the same. Within four months they found Nicole's birth family in Colombia, although to them she was still Irene, the little girl who was taken from them decades ago.

It was pretty common in kidnapping cases like these for children to be adopted away to the United States like Nicole, where good-intentioned families had no idea that their adoption papers were forged.

Just another example to add to the growing collection of lives made better by blogging and social media. A lot of times it may seem like a procrastination-inducing, meme-filled portal to nowhere, but there are people out there with voices, looking for the right ears (sometimes biologically-related ears) to listen.

Read the full story here on tnooz, including an interview with See Colombia's Director of Communications, talking about exactly how they harnessed the power of the internet to reunite Nicole with her family.

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