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Posted by Tidal API on Oct 19, 2012 4:34:01 AM


It’s no secret that most successful blogs use social media
outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others to help drive
traffic. But the value of these platforms extends beyond merely spreading your
posts around and piling up page views.

These sites give users the unique ability to connect with
their readers on a more personal level than ever before. No longer are you just
a faceless name attached to a post – you’re a charismatic, thoughtful and
sincere author who interacts with fans and connects with their followers.

Unlike big-name publications or corporations, you have the
flexibility to be yourself and represent your brand in a much more personal
way. You don’t have to touch base with HR before sending a tweet and this gives
bloggers the advantage for a change.

There are many ways to most effectively utilize social
media, so here are a few tips:

Set up your networks

Right from the start you want to create some cohesion with
your brand and blog. When you’re just starting out and looking for an outlet to
share, use Facebook and Twitter to spread links to your stories and get as many
people’s eyes on your blog as possible so they become aware of it. Then, they’ll
start checking back every day.

When you get a story published on a Tidal network, click
that little blue bird and let people know!

But don’t over

Everyone has that friend who posts a status update every
three minutes or tweets about every meal. Don’t be that person. Try to limit
Facebook posts to one per hour and no more than a handful per day. This way,
readers are more likely to catch your story on their feed and they won’t
automatically skip your posts because of all the spamming.

Twitter is obviously more open, but try to make your tweets
insightful, funny or interesting. No one cares that you just had a turkey
sandwich, so tweet out links to your best stuff that your readers are
especially interested in. Contests, polls, questions and other interactive
entries are ideal.

Interact with fans.

Retweet shout-outs (especially from Tidal), respond to
comments on Facebook and make sure you show your readers you appreciate their
input and feedback. Make yourself available and readers are more likely to have
a pleasurable experience with your blog and thus, come back for more.

But don’t feed the

Negative comments can be rampant due to the anonymity the
Internet provides, but don’t pay much mind to those just trying to get a rise
out of you. The phrase “any press is good press” doesn’t always apply, but a
snarky comment to a rude commenter rarely plays better than displaying maturity
and letting it roll off your back.

Check out the

Facebook is the number one social media platform in the
world for a reason. It lets users do so much so simply. If you have a great
photograph, share that instead of the link so it shows up big and bright in
people’s feeds. Encourage your friends to click the “Like” button so your posts
get a higher priority. Posts with more feedback show up more often on people’s

Make sure you pay attention to the detailed metrics to find
the best times of day to post. If you’re running a stay-at-home mom blog,
during the afternoon when the kids are at school is the best time to post. If
you’re running a dinner blog, early evening might garner the most hits.

Facebook also has a thorough and
informative help center
that can make your page even more successful.

Don’t forget to be

The best brand ambassador for your blog is you. Be yourself
in your posts and on social media and you’re bound to get fans that not only
enjoy your writing, but also enjoy the experience you provide. Don’t use
promotional language and sound like a used car salesman – be honest and proud
of your work in a genuine way.

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