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Posted by Tidal API on Nov 5, 2012 1:39:35 AM

Kristin Saling began blogging on Living the Happy Ever After to share the experience of her wedding. Now, she's a new wife, Army officer, and an occasional chef who uses Living the Happy Ever After to share her recipes, fashion advice, and travel adventures with her hundreds of readers.

As the newest member of the Lucky Community, her posts are getting seen by thousands - her first published post, ,got more than BLANK views since it first hit the site TWO weeks ago. KC was nice enough to take a break from her busy Army-filled, newly-wed life to be our interview for this New Member Monday, and we're absolutely thrilled to have such a passionate, dedicated contributor join Tidal and Lucky!

In your About page you say your blog started off with your wedding. Once the wedding was over, what made you want to keep blogging and why did you want to share your wedding experience in the first place?

I started my blog for two reasons. One was that I received so much help from other bloggers who talked about their wedding planning and the trials and tribulations they went through just trying to get to the altar, that I wanted to share my own experiences and lessons learned with other brides-to-be out there. Two, when you're getting married, every conversation you have ends up being "wedding blah blah wedding blah blah wedding - wanna talk about my wedding?" So it was my way of talking about my wedding without talking the ears off everyone around me, and I found a whole community of people who just LOVED to talk about weddings! Winning all around. In the process, I discovered a few things about blogging. For one, it really helps your writing. If you have to write about something - no matter what it is - on a regular schedule, you learn how to make yourself write, how to edit on the fly, and how to write in a voice that not only sounds genuine but a voice that is YOURS. For another, there are perks to blogging. You meet cool people with amazing passion, and you share information about amazing ideas, deals, and products.

And here's a great picture from the wedding. Why Disney World? If you've been, why would you want to get married anywhere else?? :)

What's your absolute favorite thing to post about?

I love to talk about all my passions in life, but I absolutely love to post my favorite recipes and my favorite fashions. While they may seem worlds apart to many folks, food and fashion to me are intertwined with art and art's many levels of appreciation. We all love the brief encounter with the ideal (gourmet cuisine at a three-Michelin-star restaurant, high couture fashion on the runway at NY Fashion Week) and the elements that we can bring into our own lives. A particular style of belt or scarf, a color we appreciated, a combination of flavors on the plate, a particular presentation. High fashion and gourmet food enrich our lives and our appreciation for the things we enjoy on an everyday basis, so I try to share not only the high fashion and gourmet food I get to enjoy (living right outside New York City has its perks!), but how I can bring those elements home to enrich my own life.

What is it about blogging and sharing your life online that you love so much?

One of the major reasons I work in social media is that I love making new connections with interesting people. Blogging has enabled me to reach out to many different communities, from the foodies to the fashionistas to people who just love the camaraderie of being online together, and I love being able to see that someone made one of my recipes for their family and enjoyed it, or that someone has a great new fashion idea that I'd love to try, or a great DIY project that would solve one of our household problems. I'm a social person by nature, and this is just one more way for me to reach out and talk to some amazing people.

How do you feel your blog supplements your job in communication?

I love my job. My job isn't just handling social media and communication for my department and our centers - it's to find new and interesting ways to tell our story. I actually have a separate blog where I talk more about work stuff, from public relations to teaching and training strategies to Army survival tips, but this particular blog is my favorite project because it has given me the greatest freedom in exploring new directions of communication. I've connected to different blog link-ups, Twitter communities, Pinterest boards, and many other storytelling opportunities that I never would have discovered if it weren't for Living the Happy Ever After.

While you were in the Army, where did you serve and do you feel like this experience gives your blog a unique voice or is your life now completely different?

Up until recently, I was an Army combat engineer, and now I'm an analyst, but I'm still serving. I've served two combat deployments so far, and I may have more in my future. My first job was destroying unexploded ordnance all over Iraq (has everyone seen "The Hurt Locker"?). I served my second deployment following general officers around and helping to plan our exit strategy. So why don't I talk about any of that in Living the Happy Ever After? I do bring it up, from time to time, but only because it surprises people. Chef, fashonista, world traveler...and she's in the Army? The message I want to pass to all of you is that we're people. The Army is a part of us, because service is a part of us, but we're people with lives and dreams just like everyone else. I think it's very important for people to not forget that. When it comes down to it, except for those times when I'm deployed, I'm just a girl who loves her husband and her country and leaves every day to do her job just like everyone else.

My husband is not currently in the service, but he served also. Now he supports my service, but he is enjoying his own success as a digital effects artist working in SoHo.

What does your husband think about your blog? Does he read it often?

He does read every once in a while, but he mostly checks my recipes to make sure I've posted his favorite things - it's his way of making sure we know where to find the recipes! He's one of the biggest factors in determining which recipes go on the blog - if he wants me to make it again and again, it goes on the blog!

What do you hope your readers take away from each post you write?

Passion. Hope. Joie de vivre. The love of adventure. And the love of really good food!

Caramel apple pork chops and potato puree. Come visit Living the Happy Ever After for more :)c7b10e09b35147e578f6d7ee5babad22d0fd14368e1d3ac5c3ef473fec1d1b468799adcb2c019251

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