New Launch: Vanity Fair's International Best-Dressed List

Posted by Tidal API on Feb 19, 2014 11:54:02 PM

Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List

We have joined forces with the Vanity Fair fashion gods to showcase the magazine’s International Best-Dressed Competition. The long-standing annual fashion contest highlights the frocks, sparkles and statement pieces of top trendsetters around the world. Each year since 1940, the IBDL has donned one lucky fashion guru—often royalty, socialites, or celebrities. In 1964, it was Coco Chanel. 2007, Sofia Coppola. Now, it could be you.

Last year, the competition opened to the public. The shift in competition rules marks the embrace of street style fashion—democratized by Bill Cunningham in the 70’s. For decades, young fashionistas have been photographed in their statement outfits, but only in recent years has this art form been embraced by top-notch brands. With the Internet comes the ability to share, engage, comment and learn about styles flaunted around the globe. Now Vanity Fair is taking that movement up a notch, allowing every-day contributors to strut their stuff.

Contestants from around the globe, men and women, are expressing their enthusiasm and flair for the open forum competition on the Tidal-powered boards. “Omg in vanity fair I would die ok not die but die,” Africa Yoon, a vegan activist and mom posted on her public Facebook page with a link to her IBDL submission. Users can promote their looks and vote on favorites to win prizes, while a revered panel of judges—Amy Fine Collins, Graydon Carter, Aimee Bell, and Reinaldo Herrera—will decide on the ultimate 2014 fashion star.

“This once in a lifetime chance to be in a top market magazine astonishes me,” participant Trisha Mohammed told us. Trisha is already a Tidal Lucky Contributor and familiar with the Tidal platform. “The Tidal platform has made it easy to transfer images straight from Lucky Community to IBD. All I had to do was post my IBD link on all social media platforms I participate on. My followers knew just what to do without any questions asked.”

Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List

Alexander V. G. Kraft, a real estate professional from Monte Carlo, is showing off his eye for fashion on the Vanity Fair boards. “These days the Best Dressed List is the ultimate reference when it comes to fashion and to style,” Kraft says. When we asked how he’d feel if he ended up in Vanity Fair? “Vanity Fair is the ultimate bible. It doesn't get much better than that. That's pretty mind blowing.”

Last year, entrants posted photographs through Instagram. This year, the forum has been refined. Vanity Fair is utilizing Tidal technologies to marry the democracy of great fashion while surfacing the very best in user-generated street style fashion. Together, we have created an online runway just as as beautiful, elegant and curated as the pages of Vanity Fair itself.

From March to June, Vanity Fair editors will nominate ten looks a month for users to vote on. Users with the most votes during the User’s Choice contest period will win prizes valued at $2,500. The Monthly User’s Choice winner will be entered in the Best-Dressed grand prize competition in July. Winners will appear in the September 2014 Vanity Fair issue, on newsstands in early August.

So throw your hat into the ring and sign up at or submit directly through and let us know which looks you like best by clicking! Who knows, you may end up in the pages of Vanity Fair.

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