Introduction to Vine

Posted by Jen Benson on Apr 14, 2016 4:09:33 PM

In the age of fast and current content, video is king.

Twitter saw the power in video and launched Vine three years ago. Vine immediately gained popularity with its short video clips available on the social media platform which makes sharing and discoverability easy and enjoyable.

What is a vine?

It’s a 6 second video you post on the platform. The short videos are easy pieces of content to consume. Also, because most people have smartphones the videos are easily captured and uploaded. Vine shows how many times a video has been “looped” or viewed. Reports estimate that the average age of users are between 13 and 25. Thus the platform is popular among Millennials.

Brands see the potential in the platform and those who are looking to garner the attention of Millennials are starting to join in. Vines are easy to share via embedding or linking so brands can post and share on other websites or platforms.

Introduction to vine

Vine does not accept advertising at this stage so all “loops” and followers are organically grown. This is a great marker for brands looking to see who is really interested in what they’re doing, and how well they are succeeding in curating an audience of fans.

How can your brand use Vine for marketing?

  1. Skill/ Talent
  2. How- To
  3. Event/ Behind the scenes
  4. Product Demo

Why such a short video? Other platforms offer longer periods of time to post videos but we all know that brands are fighting for attention these days. A short video makes us focus on what’s important. Successful vines must really pack a punch!

Brands can also engage with their communities by using popular hashtags. Some trending tags from last year were #BeLike #WhyYouAlwaysLying, #unPop, #Magic, and #stopmotion. Check out Vine’s trending page for more inspiration on what’s popular.

Check out “The Best Brands Using Vine for Content Marketing” for some inspiration from brands.


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